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It’s not just about the Certificate

April 14, 2018

There seems to be 2 streams of thoughts when it comes to the reasons for attaining an ISO accreditation for a business.


The first is, we need it to tender for bigger contracts.


The second is, because we want to be more efficient and ensure that our products or services are the best for our customers.


The first tends to look at the quick ISO certificate route and willing to cut corners and meet the requirements of the standards if necessary. In my experience, these are the businesses that tend to buy ‘off the shelf’ certificates, or in other words fake certificates.


The second look towards a system that will be embedded within the business, reviewed regularly and adjusted to meet the changing needs of the customer or regulatory requirements.


I’m not going to delve into the first group. However, for the second group, I have found in my experience that, although wanting the certification for the best reasons, many fail to maintain it. As though it was a fad, which just passes.  It saddens me when this happens, especially if the business has invested time, money and resources into the project.


Where businesses fail is that they do not document what they do, but document what think they do or want to do! This is why things go wrong. Many businesses want to document processes differently to how they are doing them now. This causes a number of problems, staff are confused and then efficiency drops, mistakes happen, delays incur and customers become unhappy.


They also forget that for the system to grow process need to be measured, clients must be asked if they are happy with your business, suppliers checked to ens


ure they do not compromise your products or services, complaints must be reviewed an actioned. Once again, this important area slowly tends to drift from the core of the business. This leads to similar problems.


The ISO system must be driven from the top, managed and measured by the management, run by all the staff and clear conduits of communications across all levels of the business to ensure that opportunities for improvements, problems and solutions are shared effectively.


It is not just about a Certificate on the wall. It is a system, when implemented and embedded fully, with all members of the business aware of their purpose and responsibilities within the system, a tool to achieve excellence in your business sector and happy, satisfied customers.


To find out more about the Common Sense Approach to implementing and embedding your ISO visit our website: or email