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What is the PDCA approach to process implementation in ISO standards?

July 7, 2017



PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT (PDCA) - is a very effective tool for business management and the ISO 9001 standard strongly recommends its use.  PDCA is a dynamic cycle that can be applied to each of the organisation’s processes, and to the system of processes as a whole. It may be used to plan, implement, control and continually improve both product realisation and other Quality Management System processes.




Maintenance and continual improvement of Quality Management System processes can be achieved by applying PDCA to processes at all levels within the organisation - from the executive high-level strategic processes, such as business planning or management review to operational processes such as product realisation or calibration.


(PLAN) - For each Quality Management System process you must establish:

  • Process owner and his/her accountability  

  • Process inputs, outputs, value adding or conversion activities and sequence/interaction of these activities (sub-processes) within the process. Many of the Standard Operating Procedures may have sub-processes.  

  • Process policies, responsibilities and accountability.  

  • Process objectives and performance indicators and methods to monitor and measure process performance to these objectives and indicators.  

  • Resources needed (e.g. facility, equipment, labour, materials, time, etc).  

  • Preventive and detective controls needed for process activity, input, output and resources used.  

  • Process documentation (e.g. procedures, forms, work instructions, specification, etc.)  

  • The nature, method, frequency and timing of interaction with other processes and where this interaction will occur - input, output, use of resources, conversion activity, etc.  

  • You must pay a lot of attention to this stage of your Quality Management System development. Planning must also consider how you will meet customer, applicable regulatory, and your own organisational requirements, in addition to ISO 9001 requirements. 


(DO) - Deploy and implement your Quality Management System processes and manage and control them according to your PLAN as documented by you.


(CHECK) - Monitor and measure the effectiveness of your Quality Management System processes against policies and objectives that you established under PLAN. Monitoring and measuring activity may focus on any or all of a process’s inputs; outputs; use of resources for conversion; and interaction with other processes.


(ACT) - Collect and analyse your monitoring and measurement information and use it to determine the effectiveness of each process as well as your overall Quality Management System in meeting requirements. Use the information to correct problems and continually improve individual processes.


As mentioned above PDCA is a dynamic cycle and so continual improvement must be an on-going process for improving your Quality Management System and enhancing customer satisfaction.



For more information about ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 18001:2007 (ISO 45001:2017), 22000 & HACCP email Yvonne at or visit our website




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