ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety

*ISO 45001:2018  replaced ISO 18001:2008 in March 2018 

For organisations that have ISO 18001, they now have a 2 year window to transition to the new standard or lose their accreditation!

While most businesses realise that a certification can help your business grow, not many fully understand the benefits that come with it.  It is meant at improving the quality of work in your business and to ensure that our staff and visitors have a safe environment to work in or visit.

The occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, ISO 45001, is a new international standard that provides a framework for an organisation to manage risks and opportunities to help prevent work-related injury and ill health to workers. The intended outcome is to improve and provide a safe and healthy workplace.

ISO 45001 is intended to help organisations, regardless of size or industry, in designing systems to proactively prevent injury and ill health. All of its requirements are designed to be integrated into an organisation’s management and business processes.



 Benefits of ISO 45001:2018 OHAS


  • Reduced incident and accident rates

  • Improved performance monitoring and accident reporting

  • Better identification and control of OHAS risks

  • Decrease in overall costs of accidents

  • Decrease in insurance premiums


  • Improved levels of compliance to health and safety legislation

  • Reduced likelihood of fines and prosecutions, which in turn can lead to less local regulator visits and lower insurance premiums, providing financial benefit


  • Improved reputation and stakeholder satisfaction – positively presenting your business for tenders and investment opportunities

  • A competitive advantage to grow your business


  • Reduced absenteeism and improved employee morale, leading to increased productivity

  • Greater involvement and commitment from employees and the management team, resulting in improved health and safety culture