ISO 17100 - Translation Services

The new version of the standard was published on 1st May 2015 and specifies the requirements for translation services: ISO 17100:2015. The standard is an update of the European standard UNE-EN 15038.

The standard presents the necessary requirements for the delivery of a high-quality translation service. The main changes that have been introduced are detailed below.


Benefits to You

  • Ability to prove the organisation’s capability to provide a quality service through a fully traceable system, ensuring case files are fully backed up and retrievable and that important work is not lost

  • Increase client base by being able to tender for contracts that require a recognised management system

  • Ensures that client cases are managed, coordinated and scrutinised for accuracy bay a qualified case manager, and suitable reviewed by a qualified colleague prior to finalisation therefore, eliminating the margin for error and/or customer complaints

Benefits to Your Clients

  • Increases customer confidence and gives reassurance to the prospective clients that you follow a recognised specialist standard while undertaking their translation requirements

  • Provides assurance that you employ appropriately competent and qualified staff - both interpreters and translators are qualified to undertake the task in a professional and effective manner to the latest industry standards

Benefits to Your Staff

  • Ongoing staff development – the standard helps to ensure that staff and contractors follow a professional development program, keeping them up to date with the latest techniques and dialects

  • Heighten morale and motivation as staff have defined processes and procedures that result in a quality and consistent service being provided

  • Proves that they work for an innovative and forward-thinking employer