ISO 17025:2017 

Testing and Calibration of Laboratory Equipment

ISO 17025:2017 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories is the main ISO standard applicable to calibration and testing laboratories. Most countries require accreditation under this standard in order for laboratories to be considered technically competent; vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and even regulatory authorities will not accept results for tests or calibrations from a laboratory that is not accredited.


ISO 17025 was first issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation in 1999. Since then, there have been an update in 2005 and the current one in 2017. 


Benefits to you

  • Ability to prove the laboratory’s capability to consistently produce valid results

  • Improved operation efficiency stemming from the regular review and improvement of processes

  • It increases the likelihood of being accredited to supply services to organisations that strictly assess potential service providers


Benefits to your clients

  • Provides confidence that they are getting correct results particularly for tests that they require as validation of their own quality assurance tests or testing instruments

  • Test reports and/or certificates can be accepted internationally

  • Provides the assurance that the personnel carrying out the tests and the equipment used are both qualified to delivery accurate results


Benefits to your staff

  • Continuous improvement of processes and techniques assures the staff that they are working in a safe, efficient and technologically sound environment

  • Importance is given to motivation and employee morale to ensure processes are carried out as they should be and results are delivered as they are expected